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Development and coaching prorgams that inspire leaders and drive growth

VIP Team Level Up Program – $15,995

Level up a team’s leadership capacity with a program that increases collective and individual self-awareness, understanding, and communication.

Included in the program

  • Two leadership style assessments for one leader and 16 leadership coaching sessions
  • Eight individual DISC Behavior assessment reports and two development workshops for up to eight

*Option to add style reports, 360s, individual debriefs, group coaching, individual coaching, and training.


VIP Platinum Leadership Coaching Program – $10,500

Platinum is a high-touch leadership coaching program. Leaders at any level build a toolkit that supports them in reaching new heights of leadership effectiveness.

Included in the program

  • Two style assessments and 18 leadership coaching sessions for one leader

*Option to add coaching sessions and style assessments


VIP Gold Leadership Coaching Program – $2,995

The Gold Program creates space for senior leaders to refine key areas for leadership mastery.

Included in the program

  • One leadership style assessment and six 50-minute coaching sessions for a leader

*Option to add coaching sessions and style assessments


Spotlight Strategy Coaching Session – $695

Leadership coaching on a laser-focused leadership challenge.

  • One 60-minute coaching session on one topic of the leader’s choosing.

*Option to bundle strategy sessions

Bundled Leadership Coaching Programs – contact for custom pricing

Team Development Workshops – contact for custom pricing

Leadership Style Assessments and Debriefs – contact for custom pricing

  • TTI DISC Behaviors
  • TTI Talent Insights
  • The Leadership Circle Profile 360
  • The Leadership Circle Collective Leadership Assessment
  • Hogan Assessments

“I quickly felt that she was the missing piece I had been looking for.”
I was thrilled to have found Jen Hope, I quickly felt that she was the missing piece I had been looking for. Not only did Jen help me identify a successful path forward with my business, but I was able to identify and take action against the weaknesses found and build a stronger plan. I also become more in tune with my personal health and how it aligns with the health of the business. I ultimately regained control of my business and have a renewed insight that I’ve never had before.

Oliver Sehulster – Owner, Pelicon Creative
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