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Does this sound like you?

💬 As a leader, it would be awesome to have actionable guidance on how to scale my leadership

💬 As a new(ish) manager, I need to accelerate the process of leveling up. I’m ready to learn the competencies of leadership and how to master them. 

💬 As a business owner, we need new tools for a sustainable version of productivity that still meets our business goals. 

💬 Leadership is challenging, it would be so helpful to talk with someone outside of my organization who can lend some perspective.

💬 I need a safe place to talk openly and honestly about the complexity of my role at work.

💬 In my professional life, I would like more confidence, support, and accountability, and someone to help me see the limitations of my thinking when I’m getting in my own way.

You are not alone, we all need additional support at times. It’s an honor to have you here.

Accelerate Your Journey with A Leadership Guide

Navigating the complex realm of leadership goes beyond mere experience—it calls for a strategic guide attuned to the distinct challenges you encounter.

With over a decade of coaching individuals in small and early-stage startup environments, I bring valuable insights and foresight to empower you in your role as a CEO and small business owner.

Your journey is unique, and I offer a private space for you to openly discuss the realities of your role. Together, we’ll tackle challenges, explore potential solutions, and address concerns such as imposter syndrome and self-doubt with thoughtful approaches and compassion.

Whether you need comfort on tough days, a truth-telling mirror, or an exploration of your thoughts and feelings, my coaching adapts to foster a connection that accelerates your growth.

Elevate your capabilities, overcome challenges, and achieve new heights with personalized guidance crafted just for you.

“…builds confidence and encourages all around her to achieve excellence.”
Jen helped me develop personally as a leader, supporting me in areas needing growth, suggesting new approaches for managing our team and issues, and helping me play to my strengths. Last (but not least!) Jen has a super positive attitude that raises the bar, builds confidence and encourages all around her to achieve excellence. If you get a chance to work with Jen, do it!

Jason Karas – CEO, Trover

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