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  • Inspiring Coaching that Changes Lives

Does this sounds like you?

💬 Will it scale? You own or run a growing business and you want additional leadership skills that scale with the business.
💬 Help! I’m new. You are an experienced or first-time leader and want to freshen up the leadership skills in your toolkit.
💬 Less stress, please. You would love a professional future with less stress and more fulfillment.
💬 Things are tough at work. You need a sounding board to navigate professional challenges with you.
💬 Put me in coach. You would love more support (yay for high fives!) and accountability in reaching your goals.


Are you ready to prioritize your leadership and yourself?

If you’re thinking “Yes, please!” You’re in the right place and so welcome here.

Self-awareness is a leadership superpower. With self-awareness, we have the opportunity to understand and regulate our emotions and shine a light on our thoughts, stories, and core behaviors. My unique approach to self-awareness, grounded in both compassion and the latest in leadership research and data, is your jumpstart to the development process.

When you change your relationship with your thoughts and emotions it impacts affects all aspects of your life. With leadership development, performance shifts, and business outcomes improve, as does your personal fulfillment.

This is what I’ll show you how to do.

“Get rid of years of built in defenses and habits.”
Jen’s demeanor, presence and calming nature make each meeting start off easy. Then, her sharp insight helps you get to the heart of the matter and suddenly the light bulbs go off, along with the realization of the work that will happen to get rid of years of built in defenses and habits.

Naomi Gonzalez – Co-Founder & Dir. of Strategic Growth – TomboyX
Naomi Gonzalez

A roadmap to change.

If you are new to coaching or leadership development, don’t stress, with a decade of business coaching leaders, I’ve got you covered. Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Strengths-based coaching that is kind, compassionate, and authentic.
  • Creating opportunities to be mindful in your day-to-day.
  • Aligning your actions with your leadership and life vision.
  • Taking steps forward even when the future is unknown. 
  • Evolving in a way that impacts everyone around you, in life and in leadership.
  • Gaining self-awareness that lasts a lifetime. 

Get started today with business coaching services and achieve what you set out to achieve:

Ready to scale your leadership?
Here’s how you move forward:

  1. Schedule A Complimentary Discovery Call – We’ll chat about your leadership goals and I’ll answer your burning questions.
  2. Let’s do this! – If we decide there’s coaching chemistry, the program begins. We kick off a customized leadership development journey for you with a Vision Exercise and your first coaching session.
  3. Ongoing Coaching, Training, and Tools – Growth isn’t a straight line from A to B (or Z!) but, no worries, you’ll have access to me for one-on-one coaching and a robust toolkit including tools like the DISC Behavior Assessment and Leadership Circle 360. As your leadership evolves, your world changes.

“…builds confidence and encourages all around her to achieve excellence.”
Jen helped me develop personally as a leader, supporting me in areas needing growth, suggesting new approaches for managing our team and issues, and helping me play to my strengths. Last (but not least!) Jen has a super positive attitude that raises the bar, builds confidence and encourages all around her to achieve excellence. If you get a chance to work with Jen, do it!

Jason Karas – CEO, Trover

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