how to shift your identity when making a career change


Jennifer Hope Podcast Guest Episode 50

Do you dream of finding a job that aligns with your gifts and passions?  Do you think about pivoting and walking dogs, tutoring young kids, working with non-profits, or creating content for another company?

Over the course of my career, I’ve never defined myself by any of my full-time jobs or side hustles. It all blends together into a whole identity. I had the awesome opportunity to address questions about finding a fulfilling side hustle and how to shift your identity when making a career change in this episode of the Ready, Pause, Go Podcast. Erika Parker Price is a fantastic host and coach who helps women make their career pause work for them.

In this episode, we have some good laughs about how I am a coach in so many areas of my life (Executive, Business and Fitness) and how I’m going to end up coaching dogs at some point too!

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