Jen Hope Press Page

Jen Hope is an executive and leadership coach for startup leaders. With a background as the Vice President of Marketing for multiple high-growth startup companies, Jen understands the complexity of startup leadership. She leverages data and evidence-based tools that accelerate growth and scale individual and collective leadership.

A self-kindness and mental health advocate, Jen is passionate about creating safe spaces for women and non-neuro typical leaders in startup and corporate leadership. Clients will tell you that Jen provides systems and habits that improve life and leadership. They love the sharp insights, structure, compassion, and accountability that come from Jen’s coaching process. Jen’s client list includes Tenable, Oracle,, TOMBOYX, DocuSign, Relayr, BlueJacketeer, and Uplevel.

When Jen’s not working, you can find her cooing over dogs, running the hills of the PNW, and singing all the songs that play in her local grocery store and CVS.

Jen Hope

Interview Topics 

  1. Scale Your Leadership: Leadership For Startups
  2. Emotional Regulation and Waterfall Habits To Be A More Conscious Leader
  3. Leadership Assessments and How Data Can Inform Your Effectiveness As a Leader
  4. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome as a New Leader

Potential Interview Questions

  • What is the power of pause?
  • How can you develop a roadmap to understanding your leadership style and strengths?
  • How does a leader move from reactive tendencies to creative competencies?
  • Can you provide examples of how insights from leadership assessment impact leadership effectiveness, collective leadership effectiveness, team performance, and business outcomes?
  • The must-haves in every new leader’s tool-kit
  • Why you need to make scaling leadership a top priority in your startups

Jen’s Features and Appearances: Keynote Speaker, Featured Lecturer, Podcast Expert Guest, and Mentor.

  • Guest Lecturer, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, The University of Washington MBA Program
  • New Day Northwest TV Feature on KING 5 Seattle 
  • Featured Coach in Seattle’s Seattle Refined
  • Best Leadership Coaches in Seattle via Fresh Chalk 
  • Women in Tech Regatta Seattle, Featured Speaker and COSTORM Facilitator 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022 
  • ChickTech Seattle Keynote Speaker, 2018 
  • FCCLA Seattle Keynote Speaker, 2017 
  • Seattle Startup Week Track Lead 2016 and 2017 
  • Seattle Startup Week Presenter 2017, 2018, 2019 
  • Front Seat Life Event Speaker 2017 
  • Moss Adams Women in Leadership Event, Keynote Speaker, 2017
  • Meet the Coaches Seattle, Featured Coach 2016 
  • Women in Travel Summit Los Angeles, Speaker, 2015 
  • Urban Campfire Mentor 2014, 2015 
  • Crave Events Business Coaching Speaker 2013 


  • Certified TTI DISC Coach and Workshop Facilitator
  • Driving Forces Certified Facilitator and Coach 
  • Leadership Circle and Leadership Collective Certified Practitioner 
  • World Class Facilitation Certified Professional 
  • Behavior Change Specialist via American Council of Exercise 
  • Group Fitness Certified Professional via the American Council of Exercise 

Podcast Appearances

How to Navigate Emotions In The Workplace 26 Jul 2023 Achieving Balance: Tips for Self-Care In High Performance Leadership Roles 23 Jun 2023 Maximizing Leadership Potential: Exploring the Leadership Circle Profile 360® 21 Jun 2023