Leading with  Compassion + Self-Awareness

From Startup Marketing Executive to Leadership Coach

Over the course of my first career, a successful 18-year career in marketing, I made a name for myself as the marketer and leader to bring in when you were ready to scale your startup marketing efforts. As the company’s first Marketing Executive, I grew marketing teams, built a foundation and process for growth, and stayed focused on the big picture while executing the day-to-day. 

For more than 20 years, I’ve also side-hustled as a group fitness instructor guiding thousands of folks through their movement journey by focusing on the big picture of feeling good and having LOTS of fun along the way. Through collaboration, positivity, great playlists, and making the “work” fun, folks learn they can count on me to motivate and encourage them to show up for the sometimes very challenging work of transformation. 

Today, as an executive and leadership coach, I teach folks new leadership skills and how to flex new (emotional) muscles that level up their leadership capability, fulfillment, adaptability, and confidence. 

That’s the work we can do together. 


My Calling

The intersection of helping businesses and people thrive gets me out of bed in the morning. If I won the lottery, the job of executive coaching is one I would still be honored to do. The legacy I intend to leave from my executive and leadership coaching practice is ribboned with compassion and kindness.

Fortunately, the path I get to walk day-to-day is supporting leaders in achieving what they set out to achieve. Through leveling up their self-awareness, they carve out a more integrated, compassionate, and peaceful inner world. That more peaceful world also happens to make business and leadership more fulfilling – win/win! 

In terms of my “how I get there,” I have a unique process for using data to create deeper levels of self-awareness. I use tools based on the latest in leadership research, tools that are also used by the Fortune 50 – Fortune 1000, to develop their leadership. It’s a simple and effective process that teaches folks how to use skills like compassion alongside highly-effective tools and frameworks to build leadership capabilities, adaptability, and confidence. 

Take action today to achieve what you set out to achieve


My Story

In my startup leadership journey, I saw so many managers like me, wanting to be great bosses. With limited leadership development budget and without a coach, it’s so much of figuring it out on your own.

I imagine how much more quickly I could have scaled myself with accountability, candid conversations, a safe place to talk out my challenges, a cheerleader, some new emotion regulation skills, and a path to development.

Today’s leaders need these same resources, more than ever.

With skills like self-kindness, emotion regulation, waterfall habits, task and relationship balance, composure, and balance we can scale our leadership and have more capacity to manage the complexity of the day-to-day. 

It wasn’t until I learned the frameworks and very teachable skills of leadership that I teach today that I transformed some of my least effective, reactive tendencies into productive and generative leadership styles. 

What makes me a great partner on your journey to intentionality?

  • My willingness to both care for you and cheer you on while also challenging you directly.
  • 18 years of career success as a Marketer and Marketing Executive (VP of Marketing.) If you’re in tech and startup, I have walked that journey and can teach you what I’ve learned along the way.
  • A decade coaching kickass, ambitious leaders and entrepreneurs like you as they scale their leadership and their companies. Read their stellar reviews here.
  • 20+ years of professional experience + 18 years of side hustling to pull from that includes some greatest hits and a handful of huge learning moments.
  • Specialization in coaching women and non-neurotypical folks in tech
  • Access to 6 research-backed leadership assessment tools based on the latest research in leadership effectiveness. 
  • No hustle-culture b.s. that leads you to burnout. 
  • This is a safe space for you to learn and grow. 

In the spirit of candid sharing, here are a few tidbits about me:

  • I know an embarrassing amount of the lyrics to songs that play in your local CVS
  • I’ve seen 40+ Dave Mattews Band concerts and have a DMB tattoo.
  • In addition to being a group fitness coach, I love taking group fitness classes. These days, I spend a lot of time on the Peloton platform. My go-to instructor is Andy Speer, I love his light-hearted spirit and technical movement focus. How about you?
  • I reside in the Seattle area and have lived here for 15 years by way of Chicago, SoCal, and Phoenix, AZ. Go Devils!
  • I love the outdoors: trail running, hiking, and coffee + walking with a friend at Greenlake.
  • My favorite season is football season. Let’s go HAWKS!
  • When I’m not coaching, I’m spending as much time as possible with friends and family. That includes four-legged family members as well as humans. Please know, you’re always welcome to share anything and everything about your kiddos, aunts/uncles, grandparents, nieces/nephews, cats, chickens, and dogs!
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