Jen Hope

B.S. Slayer. Speaker. Coach.

I live my dream job every day leading people to become their most dynamic, badass selves.

One part tenderness, two parts humor, and 100% “let’s do this thing!” I am a results-driven leadership coach and motivational speaker who focuses on authenticity, confidence, actualizing potential, and achieving goals. I excel at inspiring, infusing optimism, creating momentum, and celebrating successes.

My passion is people, and my intention in life is to have a positive impact on the world. I believe that by focusing on being courageous and compassionate, we can share our best selves with others. My superpower is helping clients hone in on what’s most important and then make progress towards what truly matters–finding the determination to realize their full potential, in business and in life.

Working with entrepreneurs and executives for more than 20 years means I’m highly skilled at collaborating with talented, ambitious people who have tons of drive and dedication, and I am highly successful in building brands and communities.

I have nearly two decades of marketing experience and have spent the last 10 years of my career leading teams inside of scaling organizations. As a VP of Marketing, I helped with the execution of building and selling the company Trover to Expedia, and grew Cheezburger – the brand that popularized memes.

Over the course of my career, I have demonstrated success in creating growth strategies for businesses, brands, and teams. I have also been highly successful in building B2C businesses. I have a BS in Marketing from Arizona State University and a strict no BS policy with my clients. All of that expertise and energy is what I now apply to my individual clients….and, well, it works.

On top of my professional experiences, I know it’s possible to push past your perceived barriers because I’ve done it in my personal life. I have lived with chronic depression and anxiety since childhood. Living with mental health challenges can be an isolating existence and part of my personal mission is to destigmatize outdated and false perceptions. Speaking about the roadblocks (self-imposed and otherwise) I have encountered throughout life, and coaching others who struggle similarly is a pursuit that started because I want my clients, and especially those living with chronic mental illness, to know that they are not alone.

My personal development education path has been a process of implementing tools like mindfulness, self-awareness, and compassion; and cultivating practices in vulnerability, authenticity, and kindness. I don’t consider myself an expert however, I have focused on personal and professional mastery for a very long time. I’ve tried and failed a lot, and I live to share those learnings with my clients. I’m finally living the life I really want, and I want to help you do the same thing.

When I’m not deep in Real Talk, you can find me on adventures exploring the PNW, seeing live music as often as possible, watching romantic comedies, or road tripping with friends and my four legged love–my dog, Charity. I’m a music junkie and a healthy eating foodie. A few of my favorite things: Spotify(!!!), group fitness classes, Paleo desserts, sunshine, puns, and family. More than anything, I love helping people discover their most badass self and say “yes” to their potential in life. I hope you will become one of those people.

Coaching is not a replacement for mental health therapy, counseling, medication, or other treatment. Coaching does provide opportunity for you to grow, but I cannot speak to the depth of what that growth might be, as it is truly individual. As someone who has lived with mental illness the only guarantee I can give is that coaching with me will be a place where you are acknowledged and cared for as the amazing human that you are. I hope that has an effect.

I help people build confidence in their personal and professional lives by saying "yes" to themselves, as they are today.

Results happening

I have been working with Jen for 2 years now and I have nothing but the best things to say about her! She keeps me accountable to my action steps and to-do lists every week. If I don't meet my deadlines or commitments, Jen sincerely wants to know how or why I didn't accomplish the task, but better yet, helps me come up with a game plan of how to improve during the next days/weeks. Plus I know she will call me out on my bulls*** excuses! If you are looking for a coach, mentor, or next speaker at your event, do not hesitate to hire Jen.
Deidra Murphy Mrs. Washington 2017 & Personal Stylist
Working with Jen has been a game changer for me and my business! In less than three months, I've developed a new program for my clients, already implemented it and and have also found a lot of personal fulfillment and more balance through our work together. I cannot say enough good things about Jen!
Tiffany Gonzalez, Founder & CEO, Keep Me Connected
During our coaching sessions, Jen challenges me to think and act as an entrepreneur and stretch my comfort zone as an artist. I literally owe my self-confidence, as well as business success to her.
Mary Pat Collins, Owner, MP Collins Photography
Jen has done a tremendous job working with me to help me find my true self. Coming into it with an open mind, she's allowed me to be the best version of myself all the while helping me find the hidden nuggets of understanding that was always trapped inside me! The work that we've done together has helped me immeasurably for my professional and personal future!
Wayne Shiu, Director of Product Marketing, Simple
Working with Jen has been invaluable for both my career and also my personal life. Jen sees me as a whole human and pushes me to see myself that way as well. She helps me uncover solutions to the challenges I'm facing, and also nudges me forward towards my goals.
Sarah E, Lifecycle Marketing Manager
When I first met with Jen I really had no idea how to start my business. She took a good hard look at my work on my blog and gave me the confidence to just get out there and start doing interior design. We created a financial goal with marketing tactics and a deadline. I started out on the plan Jen helped me with, and ended up doubling the amount within my first two months! It was just such a great feeling. She really helped me to believe in myself and in what I already have going for me. Without Jen, I don't think I would have been brave enough to take that first step to just get out there and start talking to people about what I am doing.
Angie Harpole, Interior Designer,
Jen has a talent for helping you identify the specific areas that you want to address in your business or life and making a practical plan of action to accomplish your goals…faster.
Nikki Naab-Levy, Owner, Indigo Kinetics
Within the first few minutes of our session, Jen was able to answer so many questions about my business and marketing. She was also able to ask me questions that guided me to see what I needed to do next. She really helped me see the potential for what my business could become. She has so much understanding of marketing and was such a comforting listener, repeating back what I was saying in a way that helped me to really hear my own thinking. I left feeling clear, inspired, spacious and knew just what I needed to do next.
Theresa Harris, Owner, Thrive Art School
Oh Jen Hope. Where do I begin? As a 20-year software exec, I'm pretty set in my ways + have a realllly high bar for the people I collaborate with. Jen is, simply, the shit. She has a magical way of being able to (a) simultaneously call you out strategically when you're stuck in patterns or thinking too small, (b) dig down into the weeds of the execution details, AND (c) be completely in the moment--- including getting emotional with you when 'all the things' are stirred up because you care. So much. She cares too, people. And is whip smart with laser beam insight. I can't imagine a better person to have in my corner, as I'm creating what I consider my legacy. Work with her, now.
Rachel Ford, Founder of Souldust

Upcoming events

Apr 2018 CorePower Yoga CorePower Yoga, 300 3rd Ave W, Seattle Apr 2018 CorePower Yoga CorePower Yoga, 300 3rd Ave W, Seattle I will be hosting a workshop in the wonderful yoga studio in Queen Anne. Oct 2018 Inspired You Conference Clearwater Resort, 15347 Suquamish Way NE, Suquamish Oct 2018 Inspired You Conference Clearwater Resort, 15347 Suquamish Way NE, Suquamish I will be speaking at the 3rd Annual Inspired You retreat, on October 21st. This one day event is designed for women who are finding the drive to take care of themselves and their own passions. I am honored to be a keynote speaker. I will speak about establishing an action plan, gaining an understanding of what you want most, and closing the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. I will also be leading the workshop about becoming your most powerful and authentic self. link to register
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