Hi there.

Tools and assessments that lead to your ah-ha! moments:




Looking to lead and live with more intentionality?

You’re juggling (and rocking!) your many roles – kick-ass leader, business executive, friend, parent, partner, and more.

You have big life goals and big professional commitments.

You have a curious spirit and want to go deeper.

The challenge?

You’re pulled in so many directions on the daily that it’s hard to carve out time for things like development and pausing to consider the big picture.

Whether you’re here because you’re:

  • Ready to add new skills to your leadership tool kit.
  • Wanting more clarity on your goals and priorities.
  • Looking for a structured way to focus on your growth.
  • Not sure where to start but know you want to get started on making change.

You’re in the right place. And, you’re so welcome here. 

When you take time to focus on you, the noise starts to fade away.

You can manage stress and stressors.

You take action that aligns with your big vision of life and leadership.

Clarity and confidence aren’t so hard to come by.

You move through stale stories and behaviors that just don’t serve you anymore. 

You Get Sh*t Done and thrive. 

What makes me a great partner on your journey to intentionality?

  • A decade of coaching awesome leaders and business owners like you in scaling companies. Read their stories here.
  • 20 years of hands-on professional experience that includes greatest hits and huge learning moments.
  • My first career (20 years in marketing) started in big brand ad-agency life and led to high-growth startup leadership. That’s where I saw the need for serving innovative, ambitious, high-impact leaders like you!
  • 25 years of coaching folks in multiple capacities. With a specialization in behavior change, I’ve been side-hustling for 25 years in the fitness industry. If you’re curious about my favorite Peloton instructor, it’s definitely Andy Speer. If you’ve ever done an OrangeTheory fitness class, I’d love to know about your preferences between the tread and the rower. I’m a tread gal!
  • Cutting-edge tools and strategies paired with concrete action. Count on me to bring you frameworks, ideas and leadership assessments that meet the needs of a modern leader. No labeling your parachute, over-simplifying complex issues or hustle-culture b.s. that leads to burnout. 
  • Nothing too stuffy here. We’re going to say the hard things and tell it like it is. (Bring the big issues, drop an f-bomb, get emotional if you want to, it’s all welcome here – no judgment from me.)

Fun facts about me:

  • Chicago < Orange County < Chicago < Phoenix < Seattle
  • The songs you hear at your local CVS or Walgreens… I know all the lyrics. All of them.
  • Football season = Best season.
  • Chocolate is always the answer.
  • Outdoors > Indoors.
  • Audiobooks > Print.
  • 10 K> Marathon.
  • Summer Concerts > Everything.
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