Meet Jen

Jen Hope, a Seattle-based Executive and Business Coach.




Jen understands the unique world of startup leadership.

You’re juggling many roles – an inspiring leader, manager, contributor, friend, parent, partner, and more.

As a five-star rated business and leadership coach, Jen understands every leader has unique developmental needs. A “one size fits all” approach has never been her style. She’s there to support you in the most important areas of work and life. Finding the right combination of tools and strategies that help you thrive.

In order to grow, you’ll need to regularly reflect on your talents and leadership gifts, your goals, your values, your strengths, and growth areas, all while embracing a compassionate inner world. That is what you can expect to do in executive and business coaching with Jen. At her core, Jen believes that we can make growth easier, and the world kinder, by approaching ourselves with candor, care, and kindness. 

High Potential to High Performance

With a background as the Vice President of Marketing for multiple high-growth startup companies, Jen uses evidence-based tools, resources, techniques, and strategies to help you live into the future you truly desire.

For 8+ years, Jen has specialized in coaching startups leaders and teams to maximize professional and personal outcomes. With her partnership, individuals increase their leadership capacity and change behavior and teams work with more compassion. Known as “endlessly optimistic” and a “bar raiser,” she keeps clients and teams moving forward with focus and clarity,  a dose of humor, and heaps of trust and positivity.

Manage Your Stress, Get Sh*t Done, and Thrive

Jen understands how wonderful, beautiful, challenging, exhilarating, and exhausting it can be in the startup environment. She can relate to your challenges when it comes to growing and scaling, business management, team dynamics, leadership, and even sales and marketing. That’s why she started her coaching practice.

Here’s how she does it. You schedule a call with her and assess the chemistry for coaching. If there’s synergy, she’ll recommend a plan to get you on the road to where you want to go.

Jen has partnered with leaders in scaling organizations for two decades. Her hands-on executive experience, business acumen, and approachable style combine to create a safe coaching environment where leaders can thrive.

Inspiring. Enlightening. Energizing

Jen helps clients build effective systems and sustainable habits that improve their quality of life. Values like wellness, authenticity, creativity, independence, self-expression, joy and gratitude, play and laughter guides her life, and she considers the best part of each day the opportunity to help people find their own creative solutions for the wonderful and difficult aspects of life.

Consider scheduling a discovery call with Jen and see how she can help you improve your leadership.

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