Leading & Living With Kindness, Discipline, & Compassion

My Certifications:

Over the course of a successful 18-year career in marketing, I made a name for myself as the talent to bring in when you were ready to scale your startup marketing efforts. I was regularly brought into organizations to build new disciplines and new teams in Marketing. As the first Marketing Executive hire, I was the resource organizations sought to scale their marketing efforts – to build it bigger, to measure it more effectively, to stay focused on the big picture while executing on the day-to-day with laser focus. 

Similarly, in my side-hustle career as a group fitness instructor, I guided folks through their movement journey by challenging them in relevant ways that worked for them as an individual – whether that be a wink, a high-five, silent supporting them from a distance, or playing their favorite pump up song in a workout. I was able to find ways to motivate folks to stay consistent over time and show up for the hard work of transformation.

In my career as an executive and leadership coach, I combine the skills of building discipline both in business and a leader’s personal life to level their emotional capacity and leadership skills. 

During the days you need inspiration, imagine having someone to help you push just beyond what you thought was possible. Imagine, on the days you need rest, having someone reminding you of the value of white space, fun, and downtime. That’s what we can do together. 

My Calling

Because of my experiences, I am passionate about helping leaders level up their leadership and breakthrough to a more compassionate and peaceful inner world that creates increased results, a path to more generative styles vs. approaches that burn us out. It makes leadership more fulfilling!

I have a unique process for using data to create deeper levels of self-awareness. I use tools based on the latest in leadership research that is also used by the Fortune 50 to uplevel their leadership and culture. It’s a simple framework that teaches folks how to use self-compassion alongside highly effective leadership skills to get leveled-up results.

Learn How Working With Me Can Uplevel YOUR Results Through Compassion

My Story

In my startup leadership journey, I saw many managers and leaders like me, who were working their tails off without a lot of support. At that point in my career, I was an experienced leader, but in a new huge role – hello, pressure. 

Without continuing education to lean on and without a coach, it was a lot of figuring it out on my own. The recipe was a mixed bag – many great leadership decisions and some that came from a reactive place. 

It wasn’t until I slowed down, reflected, and learned the language of creative and strategic leadership that I transformed some of my reactive tendencies into a more productive leadership style. 

I learned to confidently sit with uncertainty and challenges. I took A LOT of deep breaths. I honed my skills around boundaries, staying composed under pressure, and leading with authenticity. Most importantly, I found a way to practice grace and compassion for myself on the most challenging days. 

What makes me a great partner on your journey to intentionality?

  • A decade of coaching awesome leaders and business owners like you in scaling companies. Read their stories here.
  • 20 years of hands-on professional experience that includes some greatest hits and a handful of huge learning moments.
  • My first career (20 years in marketing) started in ad-agency life and led to high-growth startup leadership. That’s where I saw the need for serving innovative, ambitious, high-impact leaders like you!
  • 25 years of coaching folks in multiple capacities. With a specialization in behavior change, I’ve been side hustling for 25 years in the fitness industry. If you’re curious about my favorite Peloton instructor, it’s definitely Andy Speer. If you’ve ever done an OrangeTheory fitness class, let’s talk splat points. Are you a tread, rower or floor start?
  • My cutting-edge tools and strategies pair masterfully with concrete action. Count on me to bring you frameworks, ideas, and leadership assessments that meet the needs of a modern leader. No over-simplifying complex issues or hustle-culture b.s. that leads to burnout. 
  • This is a safe space for you. You’re welcome here as you are. It’s a safe space to say the hard things and get the support you need. (Bring the big issues, drop an f-bomb, and express all of the emotions if you want to, it’s all welcome here – no judgment from me.)

Fun facts about me:

  • I love all dogs.
  • I live in Seattle by way of Chicago, SoCal, and Phoenix, AZ.
  • I know the lyrics to too many songs that play in CVS and the grocery store
  • My favorite season is football season.
  • Outdoors > Indoors.
  • I’ve run 5 half marathons and one marathon.
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