Why business coaching?


  • What is executive and business coaching?

    Executive coaching and business coaching typically involved 1-on-1 sessions designed to highlight your particular areas of strength while working through opportunities for growth.

    My management coaching in Seattle and across the US often covers topics like business strategy, career coaching, personal development and general building of soft skills including self-awareness and empathy. It is done in order to build your capacity, actualize your potential, navigate change, and optimize your performance professionally and personally.

  • Who is executive and business coaching for?

    Coaching is for everyone motivated to make a change. My management coaching in Seattle and the US is especially beneficial for individuals in career transition, growing a business, in a role transition, self-employed or freelancing. Also, anyone going through a life change or seeking accountability and motivation could benefit from working with a coach.

  • How does executive and business coaching work?

    Executive and business coaches act as a sounding board for business leaders in matters of business and leadership. It is primarily focused on goal setting and the future, and breaking down the goals into actionable, achievable steps.

    Often, a coach is brought in to work with those in high potential positions or someone who is going through a transition.

    The coach creates an environment to work on individual behavior changes by asking the right questions.

    As a CEO, VIP, and executive coach serving Seattle and cities across the US, I work with many different leaders, tackling difficult issues at work/home and helping them find their path.

  • What are the results I can expect to see from executive and business Coaching?
    • New ideas and resources for slowing down and being intentional with time
    • Structure and organization that reduces stress and increases proactivity
    • Clearer sense of values and strengths
    • Improved communication in work and all areas of life
    • Increased performance on key success indicators for your business and life
    • Clarity of goals and plans
    • Confidence in leadership
    • Greater role clarity
    • Supportive planning and accountability for meeting goals
    • Time to do activities outside of work including self-care and having fun
  • How do I know if I've found the right coach?

    Trust your instincts! You’ll know when you’ve found someone with the right experience and energy.

  • What are the benefits of working with a coach?

    One of the many benefits of working with a coach is the 1:1 dedication you get focused on your development. The coaching relationship is a source of constant support for you. A coach spends time understanding you, your business, and your process in order to help you push past your limits and pave the way to a greater personal and professional ROI.

    A coach’s focus is completely on your business’ development, personal development and prosperity. With this level of commitment, you guarantee yourself a productive space to discuss your business, your growth, and how to unlock your potential to succeed.

    With a superpower of “hearing the unsaid”, great coaches can recognize larger patterns and details that remain hidden to more casual observers. This creates opportunities to advance your life and skills in order to propel you and your business forward.

    Some coaches also provide access to executive experience and professional development background that you might not get anywhere else.

  • How much does it cost to hire a coach?

    Coaches offer many packages based on their experience and the value they add. Some coaches offer sliding scales or payments plans for services.

  • Do coaching sessions happen in person?

    In person coaching sessions are available in limited quantities in the Seattle area.  Coaching also happens via Zoom.

  • Why seek out executive coaching? How do I know coaching is right for me?

    Because no matter where you are in your business or profession, there are opportunities to level up your professional and personal skill set. Success comes in many forms, including gaining emotional intelligence and the professional mastery to become the most dynamic version of yourself. Also, working with an experienced executive who can guide you through the process gets you where you want to be faster, and with less cost.

    • Do you see the big picture, but you’re not sure how to get there?
    • Do you tend to get overwhelmed whenever you commit to a big goal, leading to procrastination and self-doubt?
    • Has it been a while since you’ve had clarity on your work and life path?
    • Have you struggled to get clear on where you’re heading, the specific steps for getting there, and gaining the momentum you need?
    • Do you know what you want to do, and you need clear, actionable steps to get you there?

    Or maybe….

    • People are always telling you that you’re intelligent and amazing at what you do, but you struggle with living as if that were true (or at least feeling like it).
    • Your dreams are buried deep in your heart (where even you can’t articulate them)
    • Your dreams are bursting out of you. You know exactly what you want. Now you need to successfully build a life around what is important to you.
    • You know the ceilings you keep hitting in your work and your life have a lot to do with your own insecurity, fear, and doubt. You want a plan for dealing with your internal blockers that actually works.
    • You’re ready to make a change. You know exactly where you want to go and need help to articulate the smaller details to flesh out your big picture vision.
    • You, like a lot of us, have resistance to the changes you want to make in your life, and you need gentle guidance and accountability.
    • You feel excited, overwhelmed, and afraid all at the same time when you think about your big dreams.
    • You often get wrapped up in the stories you tell yourself and could use an unbiased perspective to help you see clearly as you move toward your vision.
    • You have a pattern of seeking out new information and making big plans, but not following through.
    • You would rather go at it with support than alone. You’ve tried solo and know you want a copilot. You are ready and know you need support. You know it takes an army of support to do big things and make a big change. (All change is a big change, it’s challenging!!!)
    • You want gentle encouragement and high fives.
    • You work better in collaboration than alone.
    • You know that this transition could be challenging and you desire support to help you follow through when it gets tough.

    If any of these sound familiar, then coaching may be the answer you’ve been looking for and I’d love to hear from you.

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