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Starting any new business can feel exciting and daunting at the same time, and leadership amidst a startup or corporate world is complex and can often seem overwhelming. 

As a leader you…

  • have a lot on your plate and you need a space to think out loud and carve out what’s most important to you. 
  • want to be respected, heard and appreciated but also be seen for who you really are. 
  • want to grow your business with the support of a caring team, that bring new ideas to the table, challenges you when appropriate but never judge you. 
  • need to let down years of defenses and habits, and gain the skills to be intentional with your behaviors, actions and leadership style to truly catapult your start up to success. 
  • Need support breaking down big goals into concrete actions and have clarity on  what your highest priorities should be.
  • Want to achieve balance and be a creative and sensitive leader and not a reactive one.

Leadership books and podcasts can only take you so far, or perhaps your company’s leadership training has given you a great foundation, but you need more to work at scale. 

Let me help you get out of the weeds and focus on what is truly most important, and be that gentle mirror so that you can up level your leadership, perform better, feel better, and get the best out of the people who work for and with you.

With a specialization in startup leadership and behavioral change, I’ve been coaching leaders and businesses for over 15 years. In my 18 years of growth marketing leadership, I built two marketing disciplines from the ground up, while having many humbling leadership moments, and scaling strategy, my team, and my leadership alongside it. 

I invite you to book a discovery call where I can help you be the best version of yourself and create your leadership vision. 

Book A 30 Minute Complimentary Discovery Call (Value $497)

Book Now & Create Your Leadership Vision

“Get rid of years of built in defenses and habits.”
Jen’s demeanor, presence and calming nature make each meeting start off easy. Then, her sharp insight helps you get to the heart of the matter and suddenly the light bulbs go off, along with the realization of the work that will happen to get rid of years of built in defenses and habits.

Naomi Gonzalez – Co-Founder & Dir. of Strategic Growth – TomboyX
Naomi Gonzalez

Imagine gaining…

Clarity & Action Plan – Clarity on your highest priorities, breaking down your biggest goals and having a concrete action plan that you can start immediately.

Skills to Release & Expand – Skills to release the stories you tell yourself that hold you back from expanding your limits, potential and growth with grace and self-compassion.

Balance & Results – A new level of understanding and self-awareness so that you can perform your very best, create balance and a creative approach to leadership that brings results.

Confidence To Take Action – Confidence to navigate your challenging inner dialogues so you can reach your potential and commit to strategic action.

“…builds confidence and encourages all around her to achieve excellence.”
Jen helped me develop personally as a leader, supporting me in areas needing growth, suggesting new approaches for managing our team and issues, and helping me play to my strengths. Last (but not least!) Jen has a super positive attitude that raises the bar, builds confidence and encourages all around her to achieve excellence. If you get a chance to work with Jen, do it!

Jason Karas – CEO, Trover

Book A 30 Minute Complimentary Discovery Call (Value $497)

Book Now & Create Your Leadership Vision
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