Honing In Your Leadership Qualities Through Habits, Empathy & Self Care

Gaining the competencies and skills that make for great leadership qualities is achievable by all people. No matter where you are on your development journey, skills needed to do the job well can be learned, measured and honed.  I loved chatting with John Rouda of the Geek Leader Podcast as we talk about how to … Continued

Why Leaders Working in Startups Must Create Time For Self-Care

Every day, hundreds of startups are launched worldwide.  But just as quickly as these startups are launched, countless others die.  Why?  Leadership.  You see, great founders do not necessarily make great leaders. And where most of these leaders go wrong is their tendency to focus on business outcomes without also focusing on leadership skills that … Continued

The #1 Reason Why Kindness Is A Good Leadership Quality

What is leadership kindness, and why should you care?  Well, as a leader, most things start with you. To lead a productive team, you have to be productive yourself. The same is true for kindness. It’s a good leadership quality to have – if not critical!  But here’s where it gets interesting. Being a kind … Continued

3 Ways To Invest In Leadership For Success

Leadership for Success Your plate is so full working on your startup, are you putting your head down to the detriment of your team (and the products and services that you deliver)? Startup leadership has unique challenges; the timelines, ambiguity, and complexity – at best it can be overwhelming, and at its most challenging, it … Continued

All About The Disc Assessment | Executive Coaching Seattle

Hi! Welcome. (Or, if you’ve been here before, welcome back!) If you’ve landed on this post, you’re probably curious about DISC. Maybe you’ve heard of the assessment tool and want more information. Or, it’s completely new to you. Regardless of how familiar you are, let’s take a look at what a DISC assessment is and … Continued

5 Books That Shape My Coaching Practice | Seattle Business Coach’s Faves

I am at my best when I am learning and when I invest in personal growth. Every opportunity to digest a fresh perspective provides a chance to bring something new into my business coaching practice, some additional knowledge or tips that help me in my journey toward improved mastery and maturity that I can then … Continued

Morning Rituals For Success: 8 Tips

8 Morning Rituals to Start Your Day Successfully Whether we acknowledge it or not, we all have a morning ritual. The way you wake up and start your day is part of your daily ritual. Maybe that means you always make your bed. And, maybe you don’t, yet. How you choose to spend your time … Continued

Do I Need A Business Coach? A Guide To Business Coaching

If you’re here, you’re curious.  And that’s great. You’ve got questions on business and leadership coaching. Let’s get you some answers.  Consider this an introduction. You know today’s work environment is a challenge. The demands on leaders and executives are greater than ever before. And, for employees, the value of great leadership has never been … Continued

There is Strength in Kindness: Why Kindness is a Good Leadership Quality

How To Be a Kind Leader – It starts within you! Join the uplifting conversation on Episode 31 of the Sticky From The Inside Podcast with Andy Goram and Jen Hope as they delve into the transformative power of leadership coaching and kindness. Learn valuable skills and practices from a leadership coach that will empower … Continued

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