Mind Mapping

Today, I want to share with you a creative tool that has changed the way I solve problems and generate ideas.

Mind mapping is a tool I have used for years in my creative process as a Marketing Executive as it employs nonlinear thinking opens the door for connections between thoughts which may not have existed before. It is particularly helpful for creating new ideas and deconstructing concepts.

Recently, I was reminded of this awesome tool by Ayse Birsel after I read her book, Design the Life You Love. She is a product designer who has created a creative roadmap to help make what you want and what you need to co-exist. The book is beautiful, fun and of course, really helpful in designing a life you love. 

Want to try taking mind mapping into the office? Try doing it with your team, and see what kind of creative solutions all of you can come up with together. 

I encourage you to begin mind mapping today, or finding areas of your life and work where it can help you.

Take care of you!

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