How Leadership Development Affects Your Leadership Brand

Self-awareness for leadership development is a superpower. One way to jumpstart your awareness journey is to start with a reputation-based behavioral assessment tool like DISC. 

DISC – a model designed to help you understand and expand your own behavioral preferences and those of others. Successful leaders frameworks like DISC to get a sense of their people’s preferences in communication and behavior, as well as their behavioral strengths and limitations. All people have behavioral preferences and all styles can be exceptional leaders. 

As a leader, once you understand your people’s behavioral preferences and HOW they do what they do best, you can

Leading an organization and working in a startup can be super stressful and overwhelming, where it’s easy to be reactive instead of proactive and strategic. 

Chatting on the Real Estate Business Builder podcast with Lars Hedenborg, we explore the power of coaching, support systems for business builders and actionable insights that can help you break free from reactive patterns that show up in your leadership. 

Here are some highlights: 

What To Do When Overwhelmed And At Capacity 

  • Creating a job description for your role as CEO – know what your role is and what your role isn’t. 
    • Most people overcome a lot of overwhelm by simply doing this one exercise. 
  • Set clear goals that are aligned to your business goals – set them early and check your progress against them often
  • Having clarity with your role and aligning it with your goals can unlock new levels of productivity with crystal clear focus on your biggest initiatives. 
  • Notice and learn to work with perfectionist tendencies. Move through tendencies to have everything “perfect” before you move on. 

How to Develop Empathy For Yourself Impacts Leadership Development 

  • Some of us were born in the 70s, and back then, compassion, self-kindness and empathy weren’t as mainstream as it is today. 
    • If you grew up like me without knowing a whole lot about skills like empathy, here’s some news for you: Soft skills like empathy are super teachable and you can learn how do them gracefully with practice. 
  • Years ago, I had this amazing coach who really changed my life. She would wake up every morning, throw her arms around herself, and say, “Oh, good morning, honey, I love you. I hope you have the best day ever. I’m here for you. I love you so much..” The first time I heard that, it was mind blown. In the 38 years of my life, I had never seen anything like it. That type of radical self-love wasn’t modeled for me as a kid. To be honest, I kinda laughed because it seemed so over the top. Wow, have things changed! These days, it doesn’t seem odd at all. In fact, I’m inspired by that daily and I try to model that for my self and my clients. . 
  • Imagine living in a world where this was how we all started our day. Research tells us, that we cannot extend more kindness to someone else than we can to ourselves. So, imagine you wake up in the morning and you’re like, “Hey, man, don’t mess this up, do it right, and get yourself together.” You’re going to struggle. 
  • But if you wake up and the first thing on your mind is, “Even if this is challenging, I’m going do my best today and the people around me are doing their very best too.” It changes the playing field for ourselves and others if we can extend a generous assumption that we are doing our best. And, starting with that kindness to yourself has a very positive impact by creating more peace in your mind and body. 

How to Become Better at Communicating as a Leader

  • If you want to be a great boss, a great entry point tool for deepening your awareness is DISC. 
  • DiSC is an acronym that represents four behaviors on a behavioral spectrum that people prefer or default to (D)dominance, (i)influence, (S)steadiness, and (C)compliance. 
  • We all have behavioral preferences and there are no “best” styles. 
  • DISC is a tool used often in professional development to create a shared language amongst a team, to reduce conflict with others, to build deeper connections, and create understanding and empathy within a team. 
  • DISC workshops and one-on-one debriefs are widely used by organizations investing in their leaders and leadership development 

Waterfall Habits and Why They’re Effective

  • When you wake up in the morning, there’s usually a morning ritual or one habit that, if you do, sets you up for a great day. 
  • For some of us, we make our beds. For others, it’s drinking eight ounces of lemon water, and for others, it’s hitting the gym before the day begins. 
  • Whatever that thing is for you, doing it overflows into other areas of your life – and this is the waterfall part.
  • For me, it’s meditation. If I meditate for X number of minutes in the morning, I’m setting myself up for a great day.
  • It’s a vote for the person, leader, parent, partner, or business owner that I want to be.
  • What’s one ritual that sets you up for success?


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