There is Strength in Kindness: Why Kindness is a Good Leadership Quality

How To Be a Kind Leader – It starts within you!

Join the uplifting conversation on Episode 31 of the Sticky From The Inside Podcast with Andy Goram and Jen Hope as they delve into the transformative power of leadership coaching and kindness. Learn valuable skills and practices from a leadership coach that will empower you to be a kind leader who leads by example.

In this dynamic episode, you’ll explore various approaches, including Kim Scott’s Radical Candor. Gain insights from self-awareness-building tools like Lumina Spark and DISC, as they are utilized within the context of leadership coaching. Get ready for an enlightening moment as Andy humorously contemplates the idea of self-hugs and self-high-fives. Hello, radical self-love!

Do you have an intention to amp up your self-kindness in 2023? Then this is the podcast episode for you! Tune in as the wonderfully warm ⭐🧲Andy Goram🧲⭐ and Jen chat about the benefits of adding kindness to your leadership toolkit.

Listen here:


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