HR Hardball
Embracing Side Hustles and Learning from Startup Mentors

Embracing Side Hustles and Learning from Startup Mentors

HR Hardball is unscripted and unrehearsed conversations with unbelievable guests in the business of figuring out people. Human Behavior IS Human Resources, so join in as host, John Whitaker, and guest, Jen Hope, talk about real experiences, real life, lessons learned, and how to make your next experience successful.

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In this episode oF HR Hardball, we explore the world of side hustles and the valuable insights gained from startup mentors.

Side Hustling + Fulfillment

We delve into the world of side hustles and how they can be a source of growth, learning, and fulfillment. For instance, we talk about how side hustles often involve engaging in activities or projects that align with an individual’s passions and interests. Unlike a primary job that may be chosen for financial stability or other reasons, side hustles allow individuals to explore and pursue their creative, entrepreneurial, or personal passions. This pursuit of meaningful work can bring a sense of joy and fulfillment.

Startup Mentors

I share my experiences as a startup mentor and emphasize the importance of also caring for your well-being while managing professional commitments. We also talk about the value of having a startup mentor who can provide guidance, support, and inspiration for startup leaders and entrepreneurs. They can help entrepreneurs navigate challenges, connect with valuable resources, and accelerate their growth in the startup ecosystem.

This episode is packed with practical wisdom and inspiration for entrepreneurs and those looking to explore new ventures. Listen in if you’d like to learn exactly what to do to inspire others, perform at your best, and shine a light on what might be getting in your way.

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