5 Rut-busting tips for creativity

Do you ever get stuck in a creative thinking rut? Let’s be honest, this happens to all of us. Whether you’re currently feeling less than inspired or you want to keep the creative flow flowing, this week’s post has some ideas for you.  

Have you ever noticed how when you travel or go somewhere new you feel so present? You walk down a street and you can see everything happening around you. The architecture, a street vendor, a cute little antique shop, or the locals doing their thing. It’s like time slows down and all our sensors are turned on. In daily life, we can get so busy, so caught up in our routine, it’s almost like we go on autopilot, and forget how much we need newness and adventure.

Freshening up our everyday routine, even in small ways, allows us to turn our senses back on and get access a broader perspective. The more we allow our minds to expand, the more access we have to creative thinking. Yay! Here are 5 rut-busting changes to your routine to get back to flow.

    1. Creative commute. If you commute to and from work via car, try walking, biking or public transportation for a day. This not only supports the environment, it (literally) gives you a brand new perspective. Ready for a real adventure? Take a friend, spouse, kid or pet with you!
    2. Fresh. Food. Fun. Grocery shopping at a new market with a different selection of standard fare can be awesome for inspiring a new dish. Even better? Find a local farmer’s market and meet the awesome folks who are bringing fresh food to your table.
    3. AM switch up. Try changing up the order of your regular morning routine.Try grabbing coffee and then getting back to bed for a few moments of quiet before starting the day. It’s so luxurious! At the very least, if you always shower and then brush your teeth, do it backwards for a few days and see what happens.
    4. New skills. Try a new hobby for a really fresh start. Hello, beginners mind!
    5. Local explorers. Spending an hour or two exploring a tucked away part of your local area is a great mini adventure and creativity boost. Grab a coffee and just wander to get lost in the newness of the area.

Can’t wait to hear how you’re mixing it up this week!

XO forevs!

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