Do I Need A Business Coach? A Guide To Business Coaching

If you’re here, you’re curious. 

And that’s great. You’ve got questions on business and leadership coaching. Let’s get you some answers. 

Consider this an introduction.

You know today’s work environment is a challenge. The demands on leaders and executives are greater than ever before. And, for employees, the value of great leadership has never been more important.

To quote Bill Adams, the CEO, and co-founder of Leadership Circle: “The process of developing extraordinary leadership is the same as becoming an extraordinary person.”

It’s likely if you’re here, you’re already on that path to extraordinary leadership. Or you’re about to be. 

So What Really Is It?

A great coach will help guide you on the journey to mastery and maturity, achieving a more fulfilling leadership role, and a more fulfilled life. To do that, your coach helps you to zoom out to see the big picture, the big themes, and what really matters to you (personally and professionally.) It’s very challenging to see the big picture for ourselves, even if we can do so for others.

We know family is important, relationships are important, business outcomes matter, efficiency matters, productivity matters. But what matters most to you? What do you value? What fills you up? Where are you needing to let go? These are questions that a coach might ask you to help surface new insight. 

Long, healthy, fulfilling lives are generally what’s most important for folks and a coach can help you to see how that might look for you. 

Studies show a business will not outperform the effectiveness of its leaders. Developing as a human is our role in creating a collective that is compassionate and effective. To scale organizations, leadership must also scale.  

How Do I Know If It’s For Me?

If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you might be experiencing one (or more) of these:

  • A new role or a bigger role. 
  • Thoughts, feelings, or behavior get in the way of your true leadership potential.
  • White-hot rage at the idea of one more priority (or Zoom call!) being added to your list. 
  • Feeling overwhelmed, a bit of perfectionism, or being scattered.
  • Team or relational challenges.

What Should I Expect?

Coaching helps leaders and business owners find grounding and clarity in what can sometimes feel like chaos. A great coach understands everyone is unique, with ever-evolving needs, so they adapt to meet you where you are. Leaders often choose leadership and business coaching because they want to reflect often. Their coach puts the focus on their evolution process. They meet you where you are and help you find the tools, frameworks, and strategies to thrive with a simple goal: Help you become the best version of yourself. Business coaching is the caring and candid mirror that creates awareness of where you are now and where you would like to be.

So, How Does Business Coaching Work?

Your coach partners with you to identify your leadership competencies, those areas where you have great, innate strengths. While they help you double down in those areas, they also identify and provide a roadmap for personal growth in areas where you may be reacting to thoughts, feelings, and internal narratives. Our fear, doubts, or insecurities get in the way of our competencies, and a coach can help you see the way that shows up in your daily life. Coaches bring curiosity to your work together and help to shine a light on opportunities. 

As a team, you work together, with support, structure, and accountability to evolve through challenges and make sustained behavior change. 

Because leadership development is an inside job (i.e., it happens in our head, heart, body), leaders benefit greatly from the objectivity of an outside perspective and an unbiased sounding board. Utilizing research-backed and proven strategies to support, motivate and inspire you, a coach opens your eyes to new possibilities that may be living outside of your current purview. 

There Are So Many “Coaches” Out There… What Is What?

If you’ve gotten this far, you might have more questions. Awesome. We love that! Are you curious about the difference between a business coach and a personal coach? Do you want to know how a business coach differs from a business consultant or business mentor?

A coach’s most important role is to guide you forward from where you are today. Your coach supports you in finding the tools and resources you need to be most successful.  The tools and skills you acquire through business coaching will certainly have an impact on your personal life. That said, if most of your sessions will be devoted to aspects outside of your professional life, then shift your search to a counselor or therapist.

Through business and leadership coaching, there can be moments of mentorship, however, you are always the expert in what’s best for you. 

Who Should Try Business Coaching? 

Here are a few scenarios where a coach can help various business professionals:

Entrepreneurs, CEOs, CMOs, Founders, First-time Executives, VPs, Sr Directors

Business coaching often includes soliciting feedback from peers to evaluate leadership skills, influence, and overall effectiveness. Digesting that feedback productively will help you work with your coach to implement a development plan to create behavioral changes. 

Business owners, Side-hustlers 

Coaching provides unbiased insight into how thoughts and behaviors limit the potential to be a more effective leader. Understanding those behaviors is a key to growth and brings attention to roadblocks that impede progress toward big goals.

Female Leaders, Neurodivergent Leaders

Your coach will act as a sounding board and accountability partner and support you in achieving your most important goals. 

So, How Can It Help Me?  

Common coaching goals often include: 

  • Creating self-awareness
  • Leadership development planning
  • Increasing emotional intelligence
  • Productivity & time management
  • Self-confidence
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Mindful decision-making
  • Building new habits
  • Overcoming imposter thoughts
  • Sustainable productivity

But Really, Is It Worth It?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) has provided a number of studies showing coaching usually generates an ROI of between $4 and $8 for every dollar invested. 

The bottom line: coaching works. Coaching increases achievement and decreases derailed or reactive behavior. In fact, 70 percent of those who received coaching improved performance, relationships, and communication, while 80 percent of coaching clients say they experience improved self-confidence. 

According to 73 percent of people surveyed, their relationships are healthier when they go through coaching. Communication skills are enhanced. Work performance improves. And, 96 percent say they would go through coaching again. 

You’ve made it this far and it’s an honor to have you here. Welcome. This should feel like a safe space, somewhere you feel supported and cared for as you begin your coaching journey. Book a synergy assessment call and let’s talk. 

You deserve to become your most extraordinary self. Let’s get there together

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