3 Tools for a Confidence Boost

Often, when working with clients, I hear leaders express a desire to feel more confident in themselves and their work.

To build up self-confidence, we need to shift our internal dialogue to one of kindness. And, for those who have an overactive inner critic, it takes time to make change. The good news is, that if we can begin SLOWLY, by tracking small progress, we can create openings for new narratives that quiet our inner critic and, in turn, see our strengths and successes. Here are 3 simple tools to shift the narrative.

  1. Start with achievable goals. Achieving small goals every day creates success momentum which spills over into all areas of life. For example:“Today, I’m going to take 2 1-minute breaks to breathe in between meetings.” Each time we follow through is an important piece of the success momentum puzzle.
  2. Create visual reminders of your recent successes. Remember how fun it was to put stickers on your chore chart as a kid? Bring it back!
  3. Daily reflection. Before bed, spend as little as one minute writing down how you progressed toward your desired future that day.  It can be simple things such as, “I spent one minute being mindful today.”

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