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  • Develop Focus
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Does this sound like you?

  • I want to feel grounded and confident in my leadership.
  • I struggle with staying at the right level with clarity.
  • I’m great at achieving results and want to level up the relational part of leadership.
  • I often feel stressed and scattered.
  • I’d like to be more balanced and accountable in life and leadership.

Hi, I’m Jen Hope, and I’m one part Business and Leadership Coach, one part loving booty-kicker, and 💯% let’s do this thing! I get it. You want to be a leader who inspires the best in your team. Business coaching is about helping create conscious leaders who grow as executives and build more effective businesses and startups.I help executives and leaders improve their performance by developing their inner consciousness to propel behavior change. The result: Increased capacity to lead, manage, and achieve business results. Please dive deeper and learn more about my business coaching services here.

“Highly recommended!”
Jen did a phenomenal job with our team’s DISC training. I loved watching her make space for all the different profiles to share, feel comfortable, and have a great experience. We came out with a better understanding and appreciation of ourselves, our team members, and how we’ll work together. Highly recommended!

Lauren Bailey – Founder, Factor 8, The Sales Bar
Lauren Bailey

Today’s fast-moving, complex world puts demands on startup leaders that are greater than at any other time.

A business is as effective as its leaders. To scale an organization, leadership capacity must transform and evolve.

A great coach (me!) guides you on the journey to mastery and maturity, achieving results in leadership and fulfillment in life.

How do I accomplish that? I make leadership development easy-ish. What’s that mean? It’s courageous and authentic. It’s a willingness to do what’s right over what’s easy. It’s moving forward even if it isn’t exactly comfortable. It’s a willingness to do hard work to make mindset shifts and behavior change that impacts life and leadership.

This is what I bring out of my Seattle and Bellevue-based leadership coaching clients. Compassionate and courageous authenticity requires looking at yourself through an honest, shame-free, and judgment-free lens and having the strength to see your growth areas.

To quote Bill Adams, the CEO, and co-founder of Leadership Circle: “The process of developing extraordinary leadership is the same as becoming an extraordinary person.”

Welcome to the path to extraordinary leadership (yay!).

Here are some of the business coaching services that can take you and your team reach new heights:

You deserve to strengthen your performance, professionally and personally, and you can. Here’s how:

  1. Schedule A Discovery Call – We’ll trade a few stories. We’ll talk about your life and business goals and challenges, and I’ll answer your burning questions.
  2. Get A Roadmap –If we decide we’re a good fit, the work begins right away. After undergoing a vision exercise, we’ll craft a roadmap together.
  3. Be The Leader You Want To Be – Personal and professional growth isn’t a straight line from A to B (or Z!). Tools such as the DISC Assessment, Leadership Circle, Clarity Calls, along with clear metrics to measure progress allow you to transform into a new you! As you change, your world changes.

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Learn more about the coaching process here.

“Get rid of years of built in defenses and habits.”
Jen’s demeanor, presence and calming nature make each meeting start off easy. Then, her sharp insight helps you get to the heart of the matter and suddenly the light bulbs go off, along with the realization of the work that will happen to get rid of years of built in defenses and habits.

Naomi Gonzalez – Co-Founder & Dir. of Strategic Growth – TomboyX
Naomi Gonzalez

More testimonials and client success stories here

More than just a Business Coach, A Fitness Trainer for Your Personal and Professional Life.

Leaders like you often feel isolated and stressed due to the abundance of complexities you face day in and day out. Maybe you feel stuck in the weeds or scattered, instead of seeing clearly from a higher level?

You’re not the only one who feels this way. You likely have a lot of spinning plates – whether that be as a manager, a leader, or a mentor, not to mention the other hats you wear as a parent, a partner, a friend, a teammate, and everything in between.

It can cause a bit of doubt, questioning about your skills, or a sense that you’re not leading – or living – the way you truly want. I want you to know that your life and leadership can be better.

With years of expertise coaching for Seattle and Bellevue-based businesses, I help leaders and executives grow professionally, and personally. I will help you take an honest look at your strengths. We’ll design a development plan that shifts and nourishes your leadership style, enhancing your leadership capacity to achieve business outcomes.

Together, we will reinforce practice new leadership skills and habits that lead to clarity, consciousness, and confidence. Clients who go through my coaching report more balance, space, empathy, and courage to create the meaningful change that being a leader is all about.

“…allowed me to be the best version of myself…”
Jen has done a tremendous job working with me to help me find my true self. Coming into it with an open mind, she’s allowed me to be the best version of myself all the while helping me find the hidden nuggets of understanding that were always trapped inside me! The work that we’ve done together has helped me immeasurably for my professional and personal future!

Wayne Shiu – Director of Product Marketing

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