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Does this sound like you?

💬 Your organization is growing quickly.
💬 You envision having more accountability in your leadership.
💬 You are a leader in new role or have a bigger role on the horizon.
💬 You or your team are feeling overwhelmed, a bit perfectionistic, or have a sense of being scattered.
💬 You’re experiencing team or relational professional challenges.
💬 You dream of feeling more confident in difficult or complex leadership moments.

Studies show that businesses will never outperform the effectiveness of their leaders.

It’s counterintuitive, but did you know that leadership effectiveness is determined by not only by job performance but also by thoughts, stories, emotions, and experiences?

Leadership effectiveness and leadership capacity must scale for organizations to scale.

To meet the complexity of startup leadership, startup executives and leaders must understand how their inner world – thoughts, emotions, stories – affect their outside world. i.e. Their leadership.

When leaders can pause, reflect, and understand their strengths and limitations, they have access to more choice in their behavior. With more choice comes increased capacity to lead themselves, effectively manage others, and achieve business outcomes.

As organizations, when we invest in startup leadership development, we invest in the skills and capabilities that allow leaders to gracefully and effectively navigate the most competitive and complex startup environments.

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“Highly recommended!”
Jen did a phenomenal job with our team’s DISC training. I loved watching her make space for all the different profiles to share, feel comfortable, and have a great experience. We came out with a better understanding and appreciation of ourselves, our team members, and how we’ll work together. Highly recommended!

Lauren Bailey – Founder, Factor 8, The Sales Bar
Lauren Bailey

“The process of developing extraordinary leadership is the same as becoming an extraordinary person.”

– Bill Adams, Co-Author of Mastering Leadership and Co-Founder of Leadership Circle.


Welcome to the path of extraordinary leadership!

It’s a journey of mastery, maturity, and achieving results in leadership + life.

What can you expect on the journey? A training and coaching process that is easy-ish and Jen Hope as your guide to get you where you want to be. 

What does easy-ish mean?

It’s courageous, kind, compassionate, and authentic. It’s a path where you do what’s right over what’s easy. It’s moving forward even when the future is unknown or uncomfortable. It’s changing in a way that impacts everyone around you, in life and in leadership.

Here are some of the training and coaching services that can take you and your team to new heights:

Ready to Scale Your Leadership?

Here’s how:

  1. Schedule A Discovery Call – We’ll talk about your leadership goals, and I’ll answer your burning questions.
  2. Create a Development Roadmap –If we decide we’re a good fit, the work begins. We’ll craft a leadership roadmap together.
  3. Tools and Training – Leadership growth isn’t a straight line from A to B (or Z!). Tools such as the DISC Assessment, Leadership Circle, Team Workshops, along with clear metrics will measure progress as your leadership transforms.

“Get rid of years of built in defenses and habits.”
Jen’s demeanor, presence and calming nature make each meeting start off easy. Then, her sharp insight helps you get to the heart of the matter and suddenly the light bulbs go off, along with the realization of the work that will happen to get rid of years of built in defenses and habits.

Naomi Gonzalez – Co-Founder & Dir. of Strategic Growth – TomboyX
Naomi Gonzalez

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