Carissa Garnant, Event Manager, ChickTech Seattle

“…hands down the best 90 minute presentation I have ever attended.”
About a year ago I attended a presentation during Seattle StartUp Week that was titled “The Art of Getting Shit Done!” The name alone spoke to me as not a day goes by that I don’t look back and wish I was able to accomplish more. Jen Hope was the speaker of the event and shared great insight on how to overcome some of those challenges. I left that presentation thinking….that was hands down the best 90 minute presentation I have ever attended. Jen was powerful, relatable, personable, and genuine.

Fast forward about 6 months and I became a volunteer event planner for the 3rd Annual ACT-W Conference in Seattle. As I was engaging my peers about keynote speakers there was none other than Jen Hope that came to mind as someone to speak as the keynote speaker. Just when I thought I had heard the best presentation, I was corrected with her keynote speech titled “How to be a #GoalDigger-Bold Steps to Unleashing Your Confidence.” This time I was an organizer of the event and had the opportunity to listen to this presentation as well as make observations of the attendees. The whole crowd of attendees was incredibly engaged, laughing, nodding with agreeance of challenges they go through, and pleased with what she had to say.

On a personal note, she’s inspiring! So many of us go through challenges with balancing time, confidence, saying “no”, and not being the best version of ourselves. There are a plethora of books out there, but not many powerful presenters who are brave enough to be honest, open, and genuine. If you are looking for a speaker that can offer a huge impact to your audience, I highly recommend Jen.

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