Ashli Haglund – Owner, Designer Skin Studio

“…will propel me into the next level of success…”
A business coach who truly understands small business and marketing strategies, Jen was exactly who I needed to set myself up for sustainable success in a competitive Seattle market.

She is straightforward, encouraging and realistic when it comes to setting goals and expectations for yourself as an owner, and for the business as a whole. Jen brought up important points of consideration that will propel me into the next level of success as a small business owner. Her experience and wealth of knowledge is superior and her networking suggestions and connections are so valuable that I don’t know what I would do without them.

She is personable, professional and truly authentic. I left our strategy sessions feeling like I was on top of the world, and it doesn’t stop there! A working relationship with Jen includes check-ins and accountability to maintain a steady flow of momentum to ensure that fire doesn’t burn out. You need a Jen Hope in your life! More importantly, your business needs a Jen Hope!

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